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Check back soon for upcoming opportunities to attend events, seminars and group experiences presented by Kim Abshire where you can obtain further pre and post-natal guidance and support.

Dad can also relax a bit

about the new state of the family finances by considering what can provided with the savings that will result from the choice of breastfeeding instead having to buy baby formula

Harmony with Nature and a Nurturing Voice of Experience

With the many rewards of breastfeeding your baby come challenges, a degree of difficulty and often a small dose of fear. So much about nursing your child is a matter of love, maternal instinct and the desire to do what is best for your child when breastfeeding. But it also takes a measure of finesse and skill. As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and a registered nurse I teach and support new moms about nursing throughout the Triangle and across Central North Carolina during this important stage of your nursing baby’s physical, cognitive and emotional development. There are remedies for the physical discomfort that often accompanies nursing (such as sore nipples). And there are ways that I can share to address a low milk supply and fear about a baby that is not gaining weight. Throughout time women have shared with one another their experience, breastfeeding advice and support. I can be there for you to provide a nurturing voice of experience and the help and support that you may be yearning for.

With kindest regards Kim

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