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Dad can also relax a bit

about the new state of the family finances by considering what can provided with the savings that will result from the choice of breastfeeding instead having to buy baby formula

Family Harmony and Lifelong Bonds

Especially during those first few days of trying to nurse, Dad is bound to feel a little helpless and maybe even left out. He may be worrying about the struggle and beginning to wonder about the rewards. But even a tiny newborn baby needs him in so many important ways, especially now as lifelong bonds will be forming between a dad and his baby. “Having a supportive partner who is also knowledgeable regarding the breastfeeding basics can be just the help an exhausted struggling mother needs to get through a difficult and uncomfortable breastfeeding. That second set of hands can help her get the baby into a better, more comfortable position for nursing and for a good deep latch to the breast for effective milk transfer to the baby. That second brain can also kick in to help with different ideas for breastfeeding success. Two heads can sometimes be better than one!” * Getting your loving partner back is an added benefit of a little breastfeeding teamwork. All three of you will benefit from and appreciate even the most simple of gestures mixed in with some newfound fatherly knowhow.