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Check back soon for upcoming opportunities to attend events, seminars and group experiences presented by Kim Abshire where you can obtain further pre and post-natal guidance and support.

Dad can also relax a bit

about the new state of the family finances by considering what can provided with the savings that will result from the choice of breastfeeding instead having to buy baby formula

Whether You Come to Me or I Come to You, I’ll Be There When You Need Me

Many moms who want to breastfeed are not able to do so just because they didn’t have the support or all the knowledge they needed to resolve common problems. I am here to teach breastfeeding techniques such as helping baby latch or new feeding positions. I have remedies for things like nipple pain and ways to resolve engorgement, low milk supply and slow weight gain. You will become a more relaxed and comfortable mom better able to enjoy this special time with a happier baby.

My visits are available by appointment and include the following:

• Physical assessment of the breastfeeding mother and infant

• Assessment of feeding history

• Breastfeeding and elimination charts available to monitor infant hydration

• Teaching about breast pumping and breast milk storage

• Instruction to remedy breastfeeding problems

• Expertise in breastfeeding twins and multiples, nursing premature infants and breastfeeding Infants with special needs Lactation Consulting – $145/hour and up