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Dad can also relax a bit

about the new state of the family finances by considering what can provided with the savings that will result from the choice of breastfeeding instead having to buy baby formula

According to a recent study, 13 percent of mothers who wanted to breastfeed were unsuccessful in doing so because “they didn’t get enough support to get breastfeeding going” Your pediatrician’s time is limited and he may not be as knowledgeable about breastfeeding and supportive as you would have hoped. Moms, sisters, friends and neighbors are loving and well-meaning but you may need compassionate expertise more so than so many different opinions, and even stories of woe. Then going back to work while nursing, and meeting the demands that come with breast pumping on the job may become a challenge. Everyone seems to want to be involved in one way or another and a little neutral advice on nursing and breastfeeding education from me can go a long way toward turning these important people in your life into your biggest supporters. “Kim coached my daughter-in-law Catherine on how to breastfeed my grandson Tucker. Catherine was having a little bit of problem initially bringing in enough milk. Kim coached her through this and even recommended natural herbs that helped bring in the breast milk. It worked. Oh did it ever! Kim was just there for Catherine whenever she needed her. Catherine got twice a much as she paid for. The value of Kim’s services is incredible.” Bobbie Hennessey Mother-in-law Raleigh, NC